Post-Conference Report

Please note, membership requests to this site are no longer being approved since the event has ended. Thank you for your interest in the conference and we hope this site will continue to be a resource for those interested in using Second Life for educational purposes.

On May 25, 2007, 1300 educators from around the world gathered at the Second Life Best Practices in Education: Teaching, Learning, and Research 2007 International Conference in the virtual world of Second Life. The event was the first 24 hour, international conference ever to take place entirely within a virtual world.

The multi-sim conference hosted over 30 academic presentations from several countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Participants received gift bags with over 100 educational items to use in Second Life.

What was expected to be a small event turned large-scale when over 1,000 educators from around the world registered to attend the free conference, and over 50 volunteers and 100+ educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and businesses from both the real world and the Second Life world signed up to take part. Data analysis of traffic patterns following the conference show that 1,300 unique avatars participated in the in-world event.

Technology in education blogger Ryan Bretag (known as Existential Paine in Second Life) wrote, "There are those rare occurrences where in the moment, you can feel a change, you can feel a complete shift. The past 24 hours I bore witness to that rare moment where you literally witness the shift happening in front of you and know things are never going to be the same from this point forward."

Financial support from Gold and Silver Sponsors provided real-life quality to a completely virtual event. An Australian company, SLCN.tv, provided live voice streaming capabilities for the presentations and conducted live video and audio streaming to overflow locations and via their website at http://slcn.tv to allow educators from around the world to view the conference proceedings on the web.

The conference proceedings are archived on the the website. Our many thanks to all of those who made this event possible.

Warmest regards,

Marlene Brooks (SL Zana Kohime)
Chris Collins (SL Fleep Tuque)
Doreen Pugh (SL Veritas Variscan)
Beth Ritter-Guth (SL Desideria Stockton)

Conference Co-Chairs
Second Life Best Practices in Education: Teaching, Learning, and Research
2007 International Conference


And to all a good night...

A last update before sleep overtakes us - our great thanks go out to all the folks who visited, worked, presented, greeted, moderated, created, built, designed, wrote, captured and archived all of the fantastic proceedings of the first 24 hour, international education conference ever to take place in a virtual world. We hope you found it as exhilarating and informative as we did.

Thank you.


We've been so busy running the first Second Life Best Practices in Education 2007 International Conference - we forgot to update the front page of the website! But don't worry, the rest of the site is being kept as up to date as possible!

The conference is currently happening in venues all over the Second Life world, with exciting presentations, vendors and exhibitors, and everything an educator needs to know to get started exploring the possibilities for teaching, learning, and research in Second Life!

Please note: All times listed anywhere on the site are in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time - UTC - 7hours), otherwise known as Second Life Time (SLT).

Use the navigation menu on the left to get more information about the conference or to register to attend. Registration is free of charge and participants will receive in-world goody bags with donations from some of the best content creators in Second Life.

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We hope you enjoy all of the efforts made by the 200+ volunteers, exhibitors, presenters, moderators, time zone captains, greeters, and many other residents of Second Life. Have fun, and come learn with us!

With many thanks to our sponsors!

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