All Day Event Schedule

Welcome Center

Location: Packaging & Converting Essentials -

Come and pick up your goodie bag stocked with many terrific freebies donated by educators and businesses all over Second Life! The Welcome Area will have all of the information you need to know, including descriptions of each presentation and teleports to all venues of the conference. It will also be a central location to visit with other conference attendees, so join us for a few minutes of quiet discussion throughout the day.

College Connections & Non-Profit Exhibits

Location: NMC Outreach -

Sponsor: NMC Virtual Worlds

The College Connections & Non-Profit Exhibits station will showcase exciting educational projects already happening in Second Life by colleges, universities, and educational non-profits from around the world. If you want to see the hottest educational happenings in Second Life, stop by for a visit!

Gaming Station

Location: We the Living
Sponsor: NMC Virtual Worlds

Second Life is not a game, but you can build and play games in Second Life - even educational games! Check out the exciting work of the Gaming & Learning in Second Life group and see what's possible!

Poster Sessions

Location: Rockcliffe - I/96/129/24/

Sponsor: V3 Group

View exciting poster sessions from the educational community about a variety of topics. The poster sessions will be available throughout the conference, and may be attended by their creators at different times throughout the day.

Vendor/Exhibitor Hall

Location: NMC Outreach -

Sponsor: V3 Group

Just like in the real world, educators need tools and services that are specially designed for the educational community. Fortunately, a whole host of real world and "in-world" companies have risen to the challenge to provide an array of products and services that can be used to enhance the teaching and learning experience in Second Life.

Does your business or company have a product that educators should know about? Click here for more info!

On-the-Spot News

Location: ANY WHERE and ANY TIME!!!
Sponsor: SL-N