Vendors, Exhibits, & Presentations Setup Page

Thank you for joining us in creating one of the most exciting educational events in Second Life!

In order to ensure that your presentation space or booth is properly configured for your needs, you will need to take a few additional steps by Wednesday, May 23, 2007. If you have any questions, please email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Step 1: Confirm your presentation/exhibit setup

Because we are dealing with such a large group of presenters, it is very important that we have up-to-date and accurate contact information for each person involved with the conference proceedings. Please complete the form below to confirm your setup needs for the conference event:

Due to coordination limitations, we may be able to provide audio/video streams to each booth, but we can't guarantee it. Please include a URL if you have one and we'll do our best to accommodate those requests.

Step 2: Get ready for action!


We will have the capacity to show slides (images), video, and live audio streaming.

  • You should also review the Presentation Schedule page to check your time slot and the venue of your presentation.

College Connections - Educational Instiutions, Non-Profits, & Vendors:

Educational institutions and Non-Profits have up to 25 prims for use in the booth spaces. Vendors may purchase up to three booths, for a total of 75 prims. These can be in any size, shape, or form, and are independent of the booth furniture provided to each exhibit.

  • Go to NMC's Outreach Island, located at
  • Follow the instructions at the setup table located near the landing point.
  • You should "buy" the booth placed at your location for $0L and then you may modify or delete as you wish
  • PLEASE STAY AT OR UNDER YOUR PRIM LIMIT - we do not want to police prims, but it isn't fair for any booth to have more prims than any other. Please respect your colleagues and the educational community by honoring the prim limit.

Poster Presentations:

Thank you again for your participation!