Planning Wiki

Beth Ritter-Guth (SL Desideria Stockton), Conference Tri-Chair: Communication, Venues, Building, and Content

Venues: Hyperstring Main Conference Centre: Keynotes, Presentations
ISTE - Presentations
NMC - Poster Sessions, Gaming Station, College Connections;
ACHUB - Discipline meetings (Rockcliffe, Literature Alive!, Kings Stone)

Doreen Pugh (SL Veritas Variscan), Conference Tri-Chair: Finance, Development, Media

Marlene Brooks, (SL Zana Kohime), Conference Tri-Chair: Presentations, Scheduling, and Logistics

Proposed sample 1 hour schedule:

12-1 SLT

Research Track: Susie's End User Research, Sue Lewis/SL LuLu Zo, Location: Hyperstrings Room 3
Teaching Track: Bill's Great Math Ideas!, John Smith/SL Billythe Kidd, Location: Rockcliffe Room 4
Panel Discussion: The Faculty Learning Curve, Bobbie Lou, Joey James, Kerri Lee, Location: NMC Mainstage
Teacher Breakout: Science Faculty Meet up, Hostess Max Chatnoir, Location: ACHUB mainstage
College Connections: NMC
Poster Sessions: NMC
Gaming Station: NMC
Exhibits: HyperString