Countdown Checklist

Vendors & Exhibits:

  • Confirm booth setup needs for the conference here.
  • Send notecard to Fleep Tuque named SLBPE_NOTECARD_yourSLname
  • Prepare your displays, up to 25 prims per booth
  • Check your booth number on the vendors and exhibits page
  • Build your booth anytime after Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Presenters & Keynotes:

  • Confirm booth setup needs for the conference here.
  • Prepare your remarks, pre-typed chat is very handy for presentations not using voice!
  • Check your time location on the Presentation Schedule page
  • Review the notes for presenters.
  • Watch your email for more info!

Conference Team:

  • Have you checked in with your chair lately? Make sure you're in touch with team captains!
  • Send vendors, exhibitors, and presenters to confirm booth setup needs for the conference here.
  • Update the wiki as soon as you become aware of any changes.
  • Put up signs! Check the group archives in-world to receive the conference planning package with posters and signs for you to put up all over Second Life.
  • Social Events 3:00 - 4:00 Gather locations and descriptions (Science, K-12, University Graduate etc)
  • Pick up Babbler translation device -
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!