Call For Proposals:

If you have a best practice for teaching in or with SL, please send your ideas to Beth Ritter-Guth in RL (or in a notecard inworld to Desideria Stockton). Proposals will be evaluated by a team of reviewers. As proposals are accepted, they will be added to this wiki and assigned a presentation time and room (presentations last 1 hour. We encourage you to present for 50 minutes including questions. This will leave 10 minutes to go to the next session). If you wish to do a poster session, please send your poster to Desideria Stockton with FULL PERMISSIONS, On all communication, please indicate both your RL and SL names, instititions, and titles for inclusion on the wiki. Also, it is helpful to know the best time of day for you to present (in SLT). This conference is structured like a RL conference; if you submit a proposal and are invited to participate, we ask that you keep the commitment to the best of your ability.

Please Submit Proposal Here

If you are interested in serving on the committee, sponsoring the conference, or getting involved, please contact Beth/Des!